How long have you worked at BGC?

I have worked at BGC for about four years.

What has been your favorite BGC Gallery exhibition and why?

It’s hard to pick just one as there are so many wonderful exhibitions on a wide range of topics to learn from!

Because I have a background in technology, design, and fashion, I tend to gravitate toward exhibits that showcase work on these topics. The three that I related to most were:Why did these exhibitions stick with you?

The Jan Tschichold exhibition stuck with me because it was the first time I had a chance to see a wide breadth of his work under one exhibit. I also loved the exhibition design. The striking, minimalist, and mechanical aspects of Constructivism influenced a lot of my work as a designer and technologist, so it was a wonderful chance to study his work more closely.

Fashioning the Body
also really stuck out to me because it was my first time seeing a comprehensive historical documentation on methods, designs, and materials that have shaped the human form. While in fashion design school, I closely studied the construction of historical costumes, so it was very cool to get an intimate look at the hidden structures.

Can you remember a specific object from that exhibition that really captured your attention?

My favorite virtual object from The Interface Experience is Netscape Navigator from 1994. It is the infamous first commercial browser for the world wide web, and I have fond memories of it being my first introduction to the internet. R.I.P. Netscape <3