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David Jaffee was my colleague at CUNY where he taught until 2008. Although representing different disciplines, I was always impressed with his thoughtfulness, kindness and breadth of research interests. A major intellect, he remained committed to teaching and efforts to engage students at all levels. In short, David was a ‘mensch’ —hard to believe that his life was unfairly cut short.
  • Joyce Gelb, Professor Emerita of Political Science at City College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York

As a returning student at City College, Professor Jaffee was a wonderful mentor. He seemed to take a genuine interest in my work, and graciously guided me through a senior thesis project that allowed me to indulge some of my more esoteric interests while providing me with my first real experience with archival research. Later, he was instrumental in exposing me to the (then) brave new world of digital humanities. More than that, he opened my eyes to the world of historical scholarship, and was more responsible than anyone for setting me on the path to a PhD, which I recently completed. I owe him a deep debt of gratitude, and my sincere condolences go out to his loved ones and colleagues.

  • Sean Griffin, PhD, The Graduate Center, CUNY

I was shocked to learn that David Jaffee passed away. As one of his old doctoral students from the CUNY days, I owe him everything I have in life. If ever a man were decent, brilliant, genuinely friendly, self-effacing, and committed to student excellence, it was David.
  • Laura M. Chmielewski, PhD, Associate Professor of History, Purchase College, State University of New York

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