Dear Colleagues,

This year, as we enter the third decade of Bard Graduate Center’s Seminar Series, we introduce a major and exciting change: a residency program that extends a visiting scholar’s time at BGC to a full week.

This change was inspired by reflection on things that we have learned from Covid. We realized that Zoom allows us to dramatically expand our community and reach, and we want to maintain the national and international participation it facilitates. At the same time, we recognized that we get so much from face-to-face communication, and that this cannot be commodified.

So while we continue to grapple with the unknowns that Covid creates, all of our public events this fall will take place on Zoom even if the speaker is on West 86th Street. Those scholars whose names appear with an asterisk beside them will have a week-long residency at BGC that will include presenting the public talk listed, and in addition, presenting an informal seminar to BGC students and faculty, meeting with students, and dropping into a relevant course. We are excited about what this will mean for our community. Of course, instituting this program was something of an act of faith, and the vicissitudes of Covid may affect its implementation, so please stay alert for future updates.

With best wishes for a wonderful start to the new year,

Peter N. Miller
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