The Life of Books 2001-2002

Christopher S. Wood (History of Art, Yale University) November 13: “Book as Artifact, Book as Text: Venice and Augsburg c. 1500”

Donald R. Kelley (History, Rutgers University) December 11: “Bibliorama: Writing History after Gutenburg”

Christopher H. Gibbs (Music, SUNY-Buffalo) January 15: “Musicians of Letters, Music of Letters: Schubert, Schumann, and the Romantics”

Joe Lambert (Center for Digital Storytelling, Berkeley) January 28: “The Future of Memory: Multimedia Literacy and the Book”

Anthony Grafton (History, Princeton University) February 12: “Humanism, Magic and Language Machines in Renaissance Europe: Trithemius's Cyphers in Context”

Nancy Siraisi, (History, Hunter College, CUNY Graduate Center) March 12: “Medicine, History and Antiquarianism: the De arte gymnastica of Girolamo Mercuriale”

Nicholas Penny (National Gallery, London and Center for Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts, Washington, D.C.) April 17: “Books in the Portraits of Lorenzo Lotto”

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