In Context 2002-2003

Jed Perl (The New Republic), 18 September: “Audience as Context: Some Observations on the Changing Relationship Between the Artist and the Public.”

Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra (History, State University of New York, Buffalo), 16 October: “Landscapes and Identities: Mexico 1850-1900”

Ingo Herklotz (Art History, University of Marburg), 22 October: “Between Scholarship and Confessionalisation: The Roman Catacombs in the Sixteenth Century”

Bruce Chandler (History, City University of New York, Staten Island), 13 November: “Mathematics, Music, and the Clock”

Béla Kapossy (Political Studies, University of Lausanne), 11 December: “Bones and Politics in Early Modern Switzerland”

Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann (Art History and Archaeology, Princeton University), 22 January: “Franz Anton Maulbertsch (1724-1796): Interpreting ‘An Original Strangeling’”

Elaine Sissman (Music, Columbia University), 12 February: “Music and the Labyrinth of Melancholy”

Karen Ordahl Kupperman (History, New York University), 5 March: “Raindance: Religious Contests Over Controlling Nature in Early America”

Elliott Horowitz (Rutgers University/Bar-Ilan University) 8 April: “Between Cleanliness and Godliness: Bathing and Ritual Purification in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times”

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