Seminar in Cultural History 2007-2008

September 19, 2007
 John Matthews (History, Yale University)
From Byzantium to Constantinople: Ideology and Urban Development in a Capital City

October 10, 2007
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich (History, Harvard University)
How Isabella Stewart Gardner Made History

November 28, 2007
Susan Naquin (History, Princeton University)
Studying the Material Culture of Religion in Late Imperial China

January 16, 2008
Carole Hillenbrand (History, University of Edinburgh)
'Seek ye knowledge, even unto China': the Literature of Travel in the Lands of Islam

February 13, 2008
David Roskies (Hebrew Literature, Jewish Theological Seminary)
1943: From the Jew-Zone to the New Zone

March 19, 2008
Glen Bowersock (Institute for Advanced Study)
Hellenism in Late Antique Syria and Jordan

April 16, 2008
Sheila Blair (Fine Arts, Boston College)
The Art of the Word: A Brief History of Islamic Calligraphy

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