Seminar in Cultural History 2006-2007

September 12, 2006
Natalie Zemon Davis (History, University of Toronto)
Philosophies, Jews, and Africans in Colonial Suriname: The Example of David Nassy

October 25, 2006
Joan Connelly (Fine Arts, New York University)
Cleopatra's Cyprus: Excavations on late Hellenistic Yeronisos

November 8, 2006
Robert Harrist (Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University)
Big Writing: Antiquarian Research and Monumental Inscriptions in China

December 13, 2006
Lisa Golombek (Curator of Islamic Art, Royal Ontario Museum)
Persian Chinoiserie Pottery: Telling Them Apart

January 17, 2007
Pamela Smith (History, Columbia University)
Butter and Mercury, Lizards and Vermilion: Art and Vernacular Science in Early Modern Europe

February 7, 2007
Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblet (Performance Studies, NYU)
Build It and They Will Come: Creating the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw

March 21, 2007
Ann Smart Martin (Material Culture/ Art History, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Reflections on Light and Luster: Furniture, Silver, and Paintings in Early America

April 11, 2007
Karl Schlögel (Kulturwissenschaft, University of Frankfurt-Oder)
Reading Time in Space - on Topographical Approaches in Historiography

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