Counter Canons 2003-2004

Leon Botstein (Bard College) September 17: “Revisiting Canonic Judgments in Music History”

Jonathan Bloom (Boston College) October 22: "The Mirage of Islamic Art"

Ellen Handy (City College) November 12: “Canonical Deformation: Photography and the Museum”

William Stenhouse (Yeshiva University) December 10: “Classical Scholarship and the Sixteenth-century ‘Visual Turn’”

Pamela O. Long (American Academy in Rome) January 14: ”Counter-Reformation Rome: Knowledge, Power, and Urbanization” 

Fritz Stern (Columbia University) and Esther Da Costa Meyer (Princeton University) February 11: “The Life of Furniture and the Death of a Culture: Hans Poelzig's Creations and Life in the Third Reich”

Brigitte Bedos-Rezak (New York University) March 10: “Conflicting Canons. Reality and Identity in Medieval Experience” 

Louise Rice (New York University) April 14: "The Bees go to College: Aristocratic Education and the Arts in Barberini Rome"

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