The BGC Seminar Series 2007-2008

September 19, 2007
John Matthews (History, Yale University)
From Byzantium to Constantinople: Ideology and Urban Development in a Capital City

September 26, 2007
Dell Upton (School of Architecture, University of Virginia)
Insiders and Outsiders in Architectural History

October 3, 2007
Nancy Troy (Fine Arts, New York University)
Sculpting Mondrian's Furniture

October 10, 2007
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich (History, Harvard University)
How Isabella Stewart Gardner Made History

October 17, 2007
Harold Cook (Wellcome Institute)
The Dutch Commercial System and the New Science of the Seventeenth-Century

October 25, 2007
Amy Freund (CASVA, National Gallery of Art)
Revolutionary Stuff: Portraiture, Consumer Culture, and Identity in France, 1789-1804

November 8, 2007
Caroline Weber (French, Barnard College)
Marie Antoinette: Queen of Fashion

November 19, 2007
Renata Ago (History, University of Rome)
Cherishing Things: Material Culture in Seventeenth-Century Rome
& Louise Rice
(Fine Arts, New York University)
Cardinal Rapaccioli and the Turnip-Sellers of Rome: A Satirical Take on the War of Castro

November 28, 2007
Susan Naquin (History, Princeton University)
Studying the Material Culture of Religion in Late Imperial China

November 29, 2007
Stefano Carboni (BGC/Metropolitan Museum of Art)
The ‘Liquid Frontiers' of Islamic Art: Interaction and Exchange in the Medieval Period

December 5, 2007
Alice Friedman (History of Art and Architecture, Wellesley College)
New Light on New Canaan: Philip Johnson‘s Glass House/Guest House
December 5, 2007

January 16, 2008
Carole Hillenbrand (History, University of Edinburgh)
'Seek ye knowledge, even unto China': the Literature of Travel in the Lands of Islam

January 17, 2008
Jaap Jacobs (History, Ohio University)
’In Such a Far Distant Country, Separated from all the Friends’: the Dutch in New Netherland

January 23, 2008
Ann Blair (History, Harvard University)
How Early Modern European Libraries Managed the Information Explosion

February 13, 2008
David Roskies (Hebrew Literature, Jewish Theological Seminary)
1943: From the Jew-Zone to the New Zone

February 14, 2008
Jeremy Aynsley (History of Design, Royal College of Art)
A Tale of Two Germanys: Design in the 1950’s in the German Democratic Republic and Federal Republic of Germany

March 6, 2008
Edward Cooke (History of Art, Yale University)
The Anglicization of Boston, 1680-1720

March 18, 2008
Reinier Baarsen (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)
Furniture and Its Buyers in Seventeenth- Century Holland

March 19, 2008
Glen Bowersock (Institute for Advanced Study)
Hellenism in Late Antique Syria and Jordan

March 20, 2008
Katherine Grier (Winterthur Museum)
Pet Stuff: The Material Culture of Animal-Human Interaction

March 27, 2008
Susan Hiner (French, Vassar College)
Accessories to Modernity: Redressing the Feminine in 19th-Century France

April 9, 2008
Sara Pennell (History, Roehampton University)
 ‘…run the jelly into little high glasses': Adapting to Glass on the Table and in the Kitchen in Eighteenth-century England

April 15, 2008
Robert Hillenbrand, (Islamic Art, University of Edinburgh)
Why write on Pots? Form and Meaning In Medieval Iranian Ceramics

David Crowley (History of Design, Royal College of Art)
Socialist Modern and its Discontents: Architecture and Graphic Design in Eastern Europe During the Cold War

April 16, 2008
Sheila Blair (Fine Arts, Boston College)
The Art of the Word: A Brief History of Islamic Calligraphy

April 23, 2008
Sarah Teasley (Art History, Northwestern University)
’Chinese Taste’ and Continental Dreams: Why Colonialism Matters in Modern Japanese Design History

April 30, 2008
Bruno Laurioux (CNRS, Paris)
The Arts of the Table in the Middle Ages

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