Training, Support, and Tutorials

One of the VMR’s roles within the BGC is to offer training and guidance in the use of equipment and software involved in the creation of analog and digital media. The staff is available during office hours to answer questions and offer advice, but if you require in-depth training contact a staff member in advance to schedule an appointment.

Note that the knowledge of the staff extends only to equipment and software made available within the VMR. It should also be kept in mind that VMR employees do not function as the BGC’s technology support staff; if you have questions or problems that fall outside the purview of the department please contact BGC Tech Support.

The VMR also offers a number of workshops throughout the course of the academic year on imaging-related subjects of broad interest to students, faculty, and staff. A schedule, as well as descriptions for individual sessions, can be found here.

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Blacksmiths in their Workshop at the Guild of Handicraft; after 1888; photograph; British.


This image, and 20,000 others, are available to students, faculty, and staff of the BGC through ARTstor’s Shared Shelf.