The Image Collections

The BGC's Visual Media Resources collection, which is in a state of constant and continual growth, represents a broad survey of the decorative arts and material culture, with deeper coverage in certain periods, materials or regions, as dictated by faculty interests. This collection of approximately 21,000 images is fully integrated into the ARTstor digital library through our subscription to ARTstor’s Shared Shelf. In addition to the BGC’s institutional collections, with its particular focus on the decorative arts and material culture, Bard College’s art historically oriented collection, with more than 34,000 images, is also available to students and faculty within Shared Shelf. In development are other Shared Shelf-accessible BGC image collections including the Exhibition, Institutional Photographs, and Library Ephemera collections.

The BGC’s slide collection, housed outside the VMR's public space, currently numbers 50,000 slides. It reflects the teaching interests of the BGC's faculty from its earliest days to the recent past, and as such has become a near-comprehensive overview of the decorative arts, spanning time, geography and medium. This collection is made available to faculty to facilitate their teaching, and the VMR continues to support it.

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Interior of a Picture Gallery with the Collection of Cardinal Silvio Valenti Gonzaga; 1749; 198.1 x 268 cm; Giovanni Paolo Pannini (Italian, 1691-1765); oil on canvas; oil on canvas; Wadsworth Atheneum.


This image, and 20,000 others, are available to students, faculty, and staff of the BGC through ARTstor’s Shared Shelf.