BGC Dissertations, Theses + Qualifying Papers

Titles of the PhD dissertations, MA theses, and Qualifying Papers submitted for BGC degrees appear alphabetically by author in the list below.  There are also library catalog records for each work in the BGC Library catalog and in WorldCat.

Access to the BGC theses themselves is available only by appointment at the Bard Graduate Center Library.  Photocopying is not permitted.


Doctoral Dissertations in Progress


Abrego, Sonya. Westernwear and the Postwar American Lifestyle.

Bass-Krueger, Maude. Costume History in Nineteenth-Century France: Historicism in Fashion, Historicism and Fashion.

Boganksy, Amy. Supercargoes and Transatlantic Voyages.

Brennan, Christine. The Brummer Gallery and Its Impact on the Market for Medieval Art and Collectors in Twentieth-Century Paris and New York.

Chan, Yenna. Narrating Montreal: Critiques of Urban Renewal in the 1970's Through Exhibition and Documentary Film.

Eisenbarth, Erin. Imagining the Founding Fathers: Luther & DeLancey Kountze's Collection of Washingtoniana.

Goldstein, Gabe. "Look At It": Visuality, Materiality and Belief in Jewish Ceremonial Objects.

Hannah, Caroline. Between Art, Craft and Design: Henry Varnum Poor and the Making of the Modern American Artist.

Keagle, Matthew. An Uniform Is Granted by All to be Absolutely Necessary: A Cultural History of Military Dress in the Revolutionary Atlantic.

Lanier, Jessica. It is Impossible to Travel without Improvement…: The Grand Tours of Martha Coffin Derby, 1800-1832.

Larsen, Christian. Aquarela do Brasil: Transnational Flows of Brazilian Design and Material Culture.

Lu, Pengliang. Chinese Bronzes of the Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368).

Maile, Margaret. Theatre, Modernity, and Architectural Lighting Design in America.

McCormick, Heather Jane. Woodcarvers in the City of New York:  A Study in Craft Change, 1820-1880.

McMahon, Elizabeth. "Robes of Court and Palace": Dress and Queenship at the Court of Henry VIII, 1509 - 1547.

Microulis, Laura. Gillow and Company Furniture and Interiors, 1851-1897: Design, Manufacture and Patronage in Britain.

Perers, Maria. From History to Home: Changing Values in the Politics, Architecture and Design of Apartment Living in Sweden, 1960-2010.

Perkins, Scott. Eugene Beyer Masselink, the Taliesen Fellowship, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Perry, Rebecca. Problematic Bodies: Dressing Pre-Adolescent Girls in the United States, 1930-1965.

Riegler, Shax. Mario Praz: Scholar and Collector of Things.

Rivas Perez, Jorge. Venezuelan Mid-Century Modern Design: Miguel Arroyo and His Circle, c.1945-1965.

Perten, Rebecca Sandler. Implications of Mass Production for the Consumption of Jewish Ritual Objects by American Jewry, 1880-1980.

Scholz, Frederun. Historiography of Dress History Studies: Kulturgeschichtsschreibung in Germany from 1800 to 1900.

St. George, Elizabeth. A "Beautiful Household" for Czechoslovakia: Krásná jizba and Notions of Modern Living, 1927-38.

Talbot, Lee. Women, Textiles, and Upper-Class Domestic Environments in Late Choson-Dynasty Korea.

Tredway, Tom. Dinner at Tiffany's: Van Day Truex and Post-War American Design.

Doctoral Dissertations Completed


Atkins, Jacqueline. Wearing Propaganda: Civilian Textiles on the Japanese Home Front 1931-1945 with Reference to Britain and The United States. 2006.

Bach, Debra Schmidt. Makers, Masters, and Manufacturers: Early Industrialization of the Silver Trade in Antebellum New York. 2014.

Bilak, Donna A. The Chymical Cleric: John Allin, Puritan Alchemist in England and America (1623-1683). 2013.

Dew, Eleanor Sarah. Lenygon & Morant (c.1904-1943): "Period Style" Interior Design and the Transatlantic Market for English Antiques. 2014.

Finamore, Michelle Tolini. Fashioning Early Cinema: Dress and Representation in American Film, 1905-1930. 2010.

Fisher, Ellen (posthumous). The Life and Work of Mary McFadden: With Special Emphasis on the Ancient and Ethnic Sources of Her Designs. [2013].

Lake, Stephanie. Bonnie Cashin: Fashion and Costume Design ca. 1923-1985. 2009.

Lichtman, Sarah A. "Teenagers Have Taken over the House": Print Marketing, Teenage Girls, and the Representation, Decoration, and Design of the Postwar Home, c. 1945-1965. 2013.

Sande-Friedman, Amy. Kenneth Snelson and the Science  of Sculpture in 1960s America. 2012.

Shales, Ezra. John Cotton Dana and the Business of Enlightening Newark: Applied Art at the Newark Public Library and Museum, 1902-29. 2006.

Smith, Daniella Ohad. Hotel Design in Zionist Palestine: Modernism, Tourism, and Nationalism, 1917-1948. 2006.

Tavares, Jonathan. Samuel Luke Pratt and the Arms and Armor Trade in Victorian Britain. 2013.

Yamamori, Yumiko. A. A. Vantine and Company: Japanese Handcrafts for the American Consumer, 1895-1920. 2010.


Master's Theses + Qualifying Papers Completed


(asterisks * indicate award winners)

Abdur-Rahman (Mohideen), Ayesha.  Beadwork of the South African Nguni (Xhosa and Zulu Peoples): General Principles and Guidelines for Attribution.  1999.

Aki, Ajiri. La Vie a la Mode: Jean Patou's Construction and Promotion of a Harmonious "Fashionable Lifestyle" 1919-1936. 2009.

Allaire-Graham, Erin Sunshine. A Collection of Choice Receipts: Networks of Recipe Sharing in Early Modern England. 2012.

Allen, Sara. A Study of the Emergence of Fashion in Women's Eyeglasses in Mid-Twentieth Century America. 2004.

Ansari, Sara. Gardens, Memory and the Iranian-American Immigrant's Journey: ... . 2010.

Archer, Sarah. Collecting the Lost Cause: Politics, Commemoration, and the Founding of the Museum of the Confederacy. 2006.

Arnold, Lauren. Gambling with Virtue: The Moral Currency of Playing Cards in Early Modern Italy. 2011.

Aves, Tara. The Tiffany Interior of Saint Paul’s Episcopalian Church in Troy, New York. 1999.

Baker, Luke. "A Story Around an Object": Functions of Production Design in Jane Campion's The Piano. 2011.

Baldenebro, Alizzandra. Flowers, Figures, Fragments: Revisiting André Charles Boulle’s Marquetry Cabinets-on-Stands. 2014.

Barr, Alexis. “Utility, with Reasonable Luxury”: Interborough Rapid Transit Station Interiors, 1900-1908. 2008.

Bateson, Adrienne. Sofas of the American Empire: A Search for American Distinction. 2011.

Battaglino, Wendy. The Lighting Designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. 1998.

Becker, Katharine. In Search of Eugène Fontenay. 2006.

Bedrosian, Carolyn. Eighteenth-Century France in the Gilded Age: Eleanore Elkins Widener Rice. 2006.

Beebe, James. Tubular-Steel and Metal-Framed Furniture of the Lloyd Manufacturing Company of Menominee, Michigan, 1929-1947. 2000.

Behan, Antonia. Looking At, Looking Through: A Conserved Panel Painting at the Met. 2014.

Bell, Tennan. Charming the Senses: Alexandre-François Desportes, Still Life, and Porcelain in Early Eighteenth-Century France. 2013.

Berszinn, Elizabeth. Collecting European Ceramics in Twentieth-Century America: R. Thornton Wilson at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2011.

Bielicki, Dana. Crime and Violins: Sherlock Holmes and Objects. 2002.

Bingham, Lisa. The Val-Kill Industries: An Analysis of Their Founding, Context, and Dissolution. 2000.

Blok, Anna. Collecting the American Illustrated Book: The Early Years of the Limited Editions Club. 2003.

Boyer, Markley. Germanic Animal Ornament of the Staffordshire Hoard. 2011.

Brabender, Amy. A Self-Made World: Place, Memory, and Magic in the House and Garden of Mary Nohl. 2006.

Brandow, Adam. Modern Façades, Anti-Modern Interiors: Gender, Partnership, and the Architecture of Adolf Loos. 2010.

Brandt, Corinne. The Meschianza and the Chew Family: How a Family Remembers and Commemorates Personal and National History. 2014.

Brandt, Erika. Contextualizing Objects: The Hierarchical Categorization of Art Explored Through the Art of Dale Chihuly. 2004.

* Brauer, Lisa. A Survey of Ga'u in the Traditional Culture of Tibet Prior to 1959, With a Catalog and an Index of Objects in the Collections of Five U.S. Institutions. 2001.

Brennan, Christine. Prince Petr Soltykoff: An Important Nineteenth-Century Collector of Medieval Art. 2003.

Brierley, Sarah. Longfellow's Wayside Inn: Henry Ford's Vision of the American Past. 2006.

Brow, Kelsey. Writing Vegetarianism in Seventeenth-Century London: Thomas Tryon’s Wisdom's Dictates and Ethical Consumption. 2014.

Brown, Sheena. Sartorial Splendor: Clothing at the Court of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy (1419-1465). 2003.

Buresh, James. Mid-Century Arcadia: Modern Classicism and Timeless Modernity in the Designs of Terence Harold Robsjohn-Gibbings. 2007.

Burrows, Keelin. Negotiating Craft Through the Culinary: Two Exhibitions Held at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts, 1965-1973. 2009.

Cain, Meaghan. Appalachia in Scraps: Interpreting Five Scrapbooks from the Pi Beta Phi Settlement School, 1919-1941. 2011.

Callanhan, Anne. Smart Books Don't Shout: Norton Critical Editions, 1961-2009. 2009.

Campbell, Margaret Steward. Patented Linked Box Bracelets: Oscar Heyman & Bros., Inc.'s Contributions to the Manufacture of Gem-set Platinum Jewelry. 2003.

Cannatella, Anna-Maria. The Art of Display: Easels and Portfolio Stands in the Nineteenth-Century Domestic Interior. 2002.

Carr, Christian. Clear Comfort: The Alice Austen House and Museum. 1999.

Carroll, Richard. Great Expectations: The Manifesto of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and Its Viability for Early 20th-Century Society Architects. 2013.

Casser, Alexandra. The Art of the Deal: Education and Marketing in American Museums. 2014.

Chan, Kei Yee. The Geometry in Art: Wenzel Jamnitzer's Perspectiva Corporum Regularium. 2005.

Charlap, Danielle. Plan-a-Room: Paul MacAlister’s Kits for Three-Dimensional Visual Education. 2014.

Choi, Jennie. Elizabeth Hawes: Maverick of American Clothing Design. 1998.

* Chuang, Grace. The Role of the Savant and the Académie royale des sciences in Porcelain Research and Development in France, 1715 to 1772. 2010.

Christoffersen, Nynne. Material Nationality: Denmark at the 1900 Paris World’s Fair. 2013.

Clifton-Harvey, Melanie. "Getting to Know You": A Costume Study of Twentieth Century-Fox's The King and I, 1956. 2010.

* Clouse, Doug. MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan, an American Type Foundry. 2007.

Coes, Amy. Thomas Brooks: Cabinetmaker and Interior Decorator. 1999.

Cohen, Marilyn. The Material Culture of "I Love Lucy". 2004.

Cohen, Nina. Rye Playland: Amusement Park Beautiful? 2007.

Cohn, Melissa. "Doing Over the Drawing Room": The Drawing Room and Women's Changing Social Status in The Novels of Edith Wharton. 2003.

Coleman, Cynthia. The Russian Imperial Family at Home at the Alexander Palace. 2001.

Comito, Kristine. To Adorn and Improve: American Art Needelwork and Taste, 1876-1900. 2003.

Cordova, Elena. Fashion & Futurism: Giacomo Balla and the Suit, 1913-1918. 2011.

Cortinovis, Genevieve. Photo Op: Framing Parisian Chic at the Concours d'Elegance 1936-1939. 2010.

Culp, Brandy. Artisan, Entrepreneur and Gentleman: Alexander Petrie and the Colonial Charleston Silver Trade. 2004.

D'Amato, Martina. "un veritable musée": the Chabrières-Arlès Collection and Renaissance Decorative Arts between France and America. 2012.

Danalakis, Katherine. Furnishing the Greek House: Reconstructing the Domestic Interiors of Classical Greece. 2004.

Davidson, Sophie. Two Generations of Influence: Charles Lewis Tiffany and Phineas Taylor Barnum, and Louis Comfort Tiffany and Oscar Wilde. 1999.

Deason, Emily. Redeeming Value: A Discussion and Case Study of Salvage Culture in Brooklyn, New York. 2011.

* DeGregorio, William. Trompeuse Simplicité: Reconstructing the Ouevre, Personality, Clientele, and Decline of Augustabernard, 1928-1934. 2012.

De Filippis, Marybeth. Margarita Van Varick's East Indian Goods: Design Inspiration for 17th- and Early 18th-Century Furnishings. 2006.

Deitsch, Elka. The Pugilist in Prints: Depictions of Daniel Mendoza and Boxing Jews in England during the Commercial Revolution. 2008.

de Kuyper, Daan. WENDINGEN:  A Case Study of Dutch Modernism 1918-1931, with Special Reference to the Magazine’s Typography. 2000.

Deme, Edina. European Textile Designs for West Africans:  “The Aesthetic of Imperfection.” 2000.

DeNormandie, Laura. Mary Gregory: Life/Work.  2002.

Dohne, Mary. Masculinity at Home: Bachelor Pads and the Seduction of the American Dad. 2003.

Domning, Julia. Regional Characteristics in American Silver Tea Sets: New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, 1810-1830. 2010.

Dover, Caitlin. Making Connections: Visualizations of American Telephony, 1900-1949. 2012.

Drakakis, Alexandra. Consuming the Cataclysm: Buying and Selling September 11, 2001. 2007.

Dude, Rosanna Eubank. Making the Wilderness a Destination: The Material Culture of Camping, 1850-1970. 2006.

* Dye, Hi'ilei Julia. "To All True Lovers of Arte and Knowledge": Reading Sir Hugh Plat's Delightes for Ladies in Early Modern England. 2009.

Einik, Nurit. Contexts in Design: Eszter Haraszty at Knoll Associates, B.H. Wragge and Company, and the American Pavilion at the Brussels World's Fair. 2006.

Eleazar, Paula. Lancaster Place: The Development Process of a Middle-Class Subdivision in Houston, Texas, 1911-1924. 2006.

Elshafei, Yasmin. "faict A Molins ala PalMe": Luxury Gardening Implements of the French Renaissance. 2006.

Emery, Susan. Eighteenth-Century Japanned Furniture. 2003.

* Eschapasse, Anne. The Impact of the French Revolution and the Dissolution of the Guilds on the Parisian Furniture Industry, 1789-1799. 1999.

Espinosa, Natalie. Arquitechura/México: Case Study of an Architecture and Design Magazine, 1938-1949. 2008.

Essner, Elizabeth. Frank Stanton's Eye: Building Black Rock and the CBS Vision of Design. 2006.

Esterlis, Victoria. The Seventh Regiment Armory: The Social History of a New York Landmark. 2008.

Fabian, Erin. From the Silver Screen to the Department Store: How Hollywood Fashioned American Women. 2014.

Fanning, Colin. The Plastic System: Architecture, Childhood, and LEGO, 1949-2012. 2013.

Farrell, Molly. The Grove Park Inn: The Resort as Manifestation of the Commercialization of the Arts and Crafts Movement in America. 1996.

Feldman, Allison. Warmth and Friendly Glamour: Dorothy Draper as Brilliant Re-Brander of Interiors and Products. 2007.

Ferguson, Stephanie. Domino Magazine and the Cult of the Happy Home. 2010.

Fish, Elizabeth Kerr. The Islamic-Style Silver Produced by Tiffany & Company under Edward C. Moore. 1997.

Flaherty, Susan Frances. Hobbit-holes, Tree Houses, and Towers: Production Design in The Lord of the Rings Films. 2007.

Flores, Patricia. A Gentleman's Microcosm: Tapestries from the Sheldon Bedchamber at Chastleton House, Oxfordshire. 2007.

Forsyth, Barbara Hanson. An Investment in the Domestic Ideal: The History and Significance of the Bridal Registry in America. 2003.

Fox, Kate. A Primitive Lure: The Sidney Lanier Camp, 1906-1940. 2011.

* Fragopoulou, Maria Ernest. The Farnese Casket: A Study in Humanist Patronage and Iconography in Sixteenth-Century Rome. 2002.

Frankel, Elizabeth Caffry. Architectural Pottery: Marketing Modern Design. 2000.

Freeman, Helen McCall. Reconstructing the Interior: Case Studies of Arts and Crafts Period Rooms. 2007.

Friedman-Stadler, M. Zahava. Faith and Fear: A Contemporary Israeli Evil Eye Charm. 2014.

Fujii, Rina. Mr. Spectator and Mr. Shopper: Case Studies of Male Consumption in The Tatler and The Spectator, 1709-1714. 2008.

Gallagher, Brian. Instruments of Devotion, Objects of Delight:  Augsburg House Altars from the Late Sixteenth to the Early Seventeenth Centuries. 1998.

Gardner, Jeanne. "The Girl Who Sinned In Secret And Paid In Public!": American Romance Comics, 1947-1954. 2011.

Germain, Colleen. The Dr. Henry Ginsburg Collection of Indian Painted Cottons Made for the Siamese Market, the Eighteenth through Nineteenth Centuries. 2010.

Gerstenecker, Elyse. “More Nearly a Home”: American Collegiate Residence Hall Design for Women, 1929-1941. 2008.

Gerwin, Timothy. Sytho-Siberian Motif Transfer to the Kushan Empire and Abbasid Samarra: Possible Origins of the Arabesque. 2007.

Gifford, Barbara Paris. Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Rethinking the London Years 1915-1923: A Case for the Textile Designs. 2004.

Gill, Jennifer. Re-Orienting the Vernacular: Arts & Crafts Theory and the Interpretation of Song-dynasty Ceramics by Bernard Leach, Yanagi Soetsu, and Potters in Their Circle, c. 1910-1940. 2008.

Goldkamp, Kate Michelson. American Social Guidance Films, 1945-1965: Teenagers, Social Ideals, and Products. 2011.

Good, Olivia. At Home in the Past: Tasha Tudor's Lifestyle in Context. 2010.

Goodhouse, Andrew. "Keep Wishing While You Participate": Spiritual Materiality and Social Agency in Yoko Ono's Wish Tree. 2013.

Gonzalez, Sierra Araneta. Shopping for Modern Design: Three Case Studies in Contemporary Design Retail, 1964-2007. 2008.

Gordon, John. Selling Splendor: the House of Jewels and the American Luxury Market, 1937-1940. 2003.

Gorzka, Julia. Arts and Crafts Societies in America: The Division of Social and Aesthetic Reform. 1998.

Greenberg, Alyssa. Exposing the Rhetorics of Idealized Family Photographs: American Photographic Christmas Cards, 1930s through 1950s. 2011.

Greenwald, Shoshanna. Beyond the Cover: Margaret Armstrong's Life and Work. 2012.

Griffith, Alexandra. Jean-François de Bastide's La Petite Maison: The Decorative Arts, Architecture and the Intellectual Culture of the Ancien Régime. 2002.

Griffiths, Christine. "Not forgetting his perfumed Gloves": Accessorizing Scent in Eighteenth-Century England. 2013.

Grunewald, Martina. The Commerce of Art: A Cultural History of Museum Merchandising, 1850-2004. 2005.

Gura, Judith.  Edward J. Wormley: The Making, and Undoing, of a “Middle-Range” Modernist. 1999.

Gustafson, Jill. Freda Diamond: An American Industrial Designer. 2003.

Gutierrez-Folch, Ana. The Neoclassical Klismos Chair: Early Sources and Avenues of Diffusion. 2014.

Haley, Kate. From Target to Tar-gé: A Post-Modern Approach to Advertising Discount Design. 2006.

Hall, Katherine Rhoades. The Use and Significance of Mirrors in the French Domestic Interior, 1665-1789. 2006.

Hannah, Caroline. James Carr (1820-1904) and His New York City Pottery (1855-1889). 2000.

Harden, Edgar. Framemaking in 18th-century Paris: The Lives and Work of the Infroits and Cherins. 1998.

Hargrave, Michelle. Neoclassical Dress and Its Enemies: Female Neoclassical Dress in Georgian Satirical Prints and Prescriptive Literature, c. 1793-1820. 2003.

* Hartzell, Freyja Thorbjorn. Transcendant Earth: Clay, Craft and Culture in Germany, 1880-1930. 2004.

Haskins, Amanda. Une Mode Brute: Aspects of Brutalism and Traditional Japanese Aesthetics in the Work of Issey Miyake and Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons, 1973-1983. 2009. 

Heinz, Alice. Gustav Stickley and the Rise of American Arts and Crafts in the Twentieth-Century Antiques Market. 2012.

Hill, Susannah. Reed & Barton: The Electroplating Years, 1848-1889. 2000.

Hodson, Elise. Pupul Jayakar's "Great Conversation": the Roles of Design, Craft and the United States in Transforming Indian Identity and Industry, 1952-1965. 2009.

Hoff, Berit. Conversation Pits in Dialogue 1953-1958: The Conversation Pits in the J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller House and Joe Price Studio. 2011.

Hogan, Maeve. Patchwork: Myth and Industry—A Study of Late Nineteenth-Century Printed Patchworks in Context. 2014.

Howard, Ella. A Comparative Study of Feminist Writings on Aspects of the History of Design and the Decorative Arts, 1970-1995. 1998.

Hughes, Eileen. Heart Brooches in Scotland & North America from the 15th-19th Centuries. 2004.

Hunter, Stacy. Native American Culture in Euro-American Life: A Transcultural Object History of Northeast North America and the Impact of the Early Contact Period. 2004.

Hyde, Aislinn. Icing on the Cake: The Form and Decoration of Wedding Cakes in the United Sates,1800-1950. 2011.

Inglesby, Roisin. "A Monumental Pillar Wherein You Will See Your Ancestors": The Rhetoric of Word and Image in Sir William Dugdale's The Antiquities of Warwickshire Illustrated. 2011.

Ingram, Jeannie. Image and Text: a Study of Sources, Meanings and Function of a Set of Sixteenth-Century Spice Plates Designed by the Engraver, P over M. 2004.

Irish Brakebill, Carol Anderson. William Hunt Diederich: Negotiating the Path from Sculpture to Decorative Arts 1910-1929. 1999.

Irving, Alexandra. Collective Creativity: Two Case Studies of Makers and Their Communal Living Environments in Providence, Rhode Island. 2011.

Israel, Mei-Ling. Learn to Draw with Jon Gnagy:The Legacy of America's First Television Artist. 2011.

Iverson, Stephanie Day. Bonnie Cashin Before Bonnie Cashin Designs, Inc. 1999.

Jeffers, Grace. Machine Made Natural: The Decorative Products of the Formica Corporation, 1947-1962. 1998.

Jenrette, Emma Chandler. The Gift That Starts the Future Home: Lane Hope Chest Marketing, 1927-1960. 2011.

Jensen, Hadley. Shaped by the Camera: Benjamin Wittick and the Imaging of Craft in the American Southwest, 1878-1903. 2013.

Johnson, Edith. Transatlantic Frenchness: Defining French Style Aboard the Paris, the Ile-de-France, the Lafayette, and the Champlain. 2011.

Johnson, Kathryn. A Place of Her Own: Mrs. Jane Loudon's Gardening for Ladies and the Flower Garden Companion as the Women's Sphere in America, 1843-1893. 2007.

Jules, Rita. Sans Serif Letters in England, 1784-1860. 2006.

Kallab, Majda. Evergreens, the Residence of Charles S. Shultz (1839-1924): A Study in Late Nineteenth-Century Patronage, Collecting, and Consumer Behavior. 2002.

Kang, Suky. The Art Museum and the City: The Central Role of Public Education in Museum-City Relations. 2013.

Kaplan, Anna. Kidrobot and the Designer Art Toy Phenomenon in the United States. 2011.

Kelly, Tara. The Power of the Word Enshrined: The Historical and Cultural Development of the Book Shrine in Ireland. 2007.

Kelly-Bowditch, Laura. Exhibiting the Process of the Past: A Recent History of Museum Conservation on Display. 2014.

Killian, Jacquelann Grace. The Artifactual Life of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Gould, 1863-1892. 2006.

Kim, Sarah. Bouchon Bistro: a Case Study of "French Bistro" Design and Culture in the United States. 2009.

Kinney, Hannah. Material of Memory: The Doccia Porcelain Factory's statue al grandezza naturale (1745–1757). 2014.

Kinsel, Rick Alan. The Designs of the House of Coty. 1999.

Kis, Csongor Imre. Le Sacerdotesse dell'Atene d'Italia: Royal Female Patronage at the Bourbon Court of Parma in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century. 2006.

Klassen, Rebecca. Constructions: U.S. Fiber Artitsts and Pre-Columbian Peruvian Textiles. 2011.

Klos, Jennifer. The Fashioned Travel Case: Women's Luggage in Postwar America, 1946-1960. 2007.

Klug, Emily. Allure of the Silent Beauties: Mannequins and Display in France and America, 1890-1970. 2006.

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* Maile, Margaret. Richard Kelly: American Architectural Lighting Design, From Johnson's Glass House to Seagram's Glass Box (1948-1958). 2002.

Maldonado, Gena. The Many Lives of the Boston Rocker. 2011.

Martin, Kristin. The Hispanic Society of America's Collection of Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Ecclesiastical Textiles. 2006.

Master, Leah. A Highly Valued Education: Craft-based Learning For Women in Colonial and Early Federal New England. 2007.

Mates, Randi. Shredded: The History of Popular Paper Clothing. 2005.

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* Asterisks indicate winners of the Clive Wainwright Thesis Award and the Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Horowitz Foundation for the Arts Award. Clive Wainwright was a distinguished furniture and design historian, who spent more than thirty years at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The Wainwright Award was established by the director of the Bard Graduate Center to honor his memory. The Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Horowitz Foundation for the Arts Award, inaugurated in 2014, honors an outstanding qualifying paper on an American subject.

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