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General Library Etiquette

  • Please do your part to make the library as quiet as possible, so that it is a suitable research environment for everyone. 

  • Mobile phones are not to be used in the library.  If your phone is on, please set it to silent or vibrate so its ring does not disturb other readers.  If you receive a call, please leave the library immediately, no matter how brief you anticipate the call to be.  The stairwells are often good places to accept short phone calls.

  • If you plan to bring a non-BGC-affiliated visitor to the library, you must let the library staff know in advance so that we can inform the security department. 

  • Respect the library materials and handle them with care:  see “Using Library Materials” below.


Using Library Materials

  • No food or drink (including water) is permitted in the library.

  • We have many fragile materials in the stacks that should be handled with care.  Ask the library staff for help if you have any difficulty.

  • Only pencils (or laptops) may be used for taking notes.  Pens should not be used near library materials.

  • Nothing but paper bookmarks should be left between book pages—please do not put paper clips, pencils, Post-it notes, or any other bulky placemarkers in the text.  Corners should not be turned down to mark places in the text.

  • Please do not strain book spines by leaving them face-down and cracked open, or by stacking up open books to hold places in the text. Book cradles and book weights are available at the Reference Desk if necessary.


Photocopying and Scanning

  • Library photocopiers are located in the LL Study and on the second and third floors.  Black-and-white copies are ten cents each and color copies are twenty-five cents each, purchased with cash or a copier card. The machines also work as printers (networked to all library desktop computers, though not the wireless network). 

  • Desktop scanners are located in VMR; an overhead book scanner is located on the second floor by the reference desk. The photocopiers can also be used as scanners. Scanning is free of charge.

How to scan to email:
1. On the home screen, press E-mail.
2. Place the original in the document feeder (image-side up) or the on document glass (image-side down).
3. Enter your address.
4. Press Start.
5. Remove your original.

How to scan to USB:
1. Put your external drive in the port located to the right of the control panel.
2. On the home screen, press Scan to Ext Memory.
3. Enter a file name.
4. Confirm the file destination by selecting Stored To.
5. Press Start.
6. Remove your original and your external drive.

  • The cover and pages of a book should be supported while being duplicated; do not force books to lie flat on machines. Oversized, tightly bound, or brittle materials should not be reproduced. 

  • Please abide by the blue “no photocopying” label attached to some materials.  (If you have any doubt about whether a book should be reproduced, ask a library staff member.)


Student Reserve Shelves

  • Since the BGC library is a non-circulating library, every BGC student is assigned a shelf on which to store library materials.  You may move books from the Monograph Stacks and bound volumes from the Periodicals Stacks to your shelf. 

  • Course reserve books, loose issues of periodicals, folios and oversized books, and reference books should not be moved to student shelves. 

  • Always fill out book cards for each book and journal volume placed on a reserve shelf—make them legible, and date them with the month and year. 

  • Keep your shelves orderly at all times:  shelve books vertically with titles facing out,  do not keep personal belongings on your library shelf, and do not accumulate books unnecessarily on your shelves. 

  • Please place all other library materials on shelving carts when you are finished using them, except for reserve books, which you should reshelve immediately after use.


Requesting a Title for Library Purchase

  • The Library welcomes suggestions for our collection and we are especially keen to collect material used for thesis and dissertation research.

  •  You can make an acquisitions request any time by email to or by filling out the form below. Please fill in all the fields, and if you encounter any problems filling out this form please email


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