Andrew W. Mellon “Cultures of Conservation” Fellowship

About: A two-year fellowship funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation designed to help bridge the gap between objects as studied by conservators and objects as studied by academics in the human sciences (Art History, History, Archaeology, Anthropology).  The fellowship is part of “Cultures of Conservation,” an initiative designed to model a new graduate curriculum at the BGC.

The five years of the grant (2012-17) will see the development of new courses, new seminars and new research and teaching positions all of which aim to bring the knowledge created by conservators into the intellectual apparatus of humanities graduate students and professors. 

The Mellon Fellowship will be awarded to a scholar wishing to pair on a project with a conservator or conservation scientist in the New York area. Candidates will be judged on the merits and scope of the proposed research. Fellows must have at least a Master’s degree, and preference will be given to emerging scholars. The Fellow will teach at least one course in the second year of the fellowship on his or her project together with the partnering conservator or conservation scientist. Fellows will receive an office, salary (to be announced), and free accommodation in midtown Manhattan. The conservator or conservation scientist will receive a stipend (to be announced) for their full participation in this project.

Information about applying: The next application period for the “Cultures of Conservations Fellowship will be in the fall of 2014.

Current and past fellows include:

Gabrielle Berlinger (Fall 2013-Summer 2015)
Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Cultures of Conservation

Hanna Hölling (Fall 2013-Summer 2015)
Andrew W. Mellon Visiting Professor, Cultures of Conservation

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