David Jaffee

Head of New Media Research
Material Culture of New York City
Early American Material Culture
Cultural Geography and Landscape

Ph.D. History, Harvard University
M.A. History, Harvard University
B.A. History & Literature, Harvard University

I am working on a new book-length project, Envisioning Nineteenth-Century: New York as Cultural Capital, 1884-1880, a study of how a new middle class culture took shape centered around the domestic interior.  I focus on five key urban manufacturers who promoted the cultural ascendency of New York in the nineteenth century, including makers of lithographs, stereoviews, illustrated newspapers, popular sculpture, and parlor furniture.

Selected Recent Publications: 


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David Jaffee's courses include:

704 Reading the American Landscape
726 North American Frontiers: The Landscape of Early North America
764 The Material Culture of New York City: The 19th Century
775 In Focus: Envisioning Nineteenth-Century New York
776 Self-Fashioning and American Portraiture, from 1700 through the Advent of Photography
823 American Consumer Culture
844 Interpretation of the Artifact in the Age of New Media
845 American Craft, Design, and Folk Art in the 1920s and 1930s
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