Hanna Hölling

Andrew W. Mellon Visiting Professor, Cultures of Conservation

Ph.D. Institute of Art History and Cultural Studies, University of Amsterdam
M.A. Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw

What specific kinds of change does a multimedia artwork undergo, and how does it maintain its identity through those changes? Due to their cycles of rematerialisations, obsolescence, issues of de- and re-activation and dependence on the archive, these works are particularly affected by change. My research explores post 1960s artworks involving multimedia installations, film, performance, event, but also ephemera, foodstuff and games. I am interested in their material lives, their manufacture and media, creative processes, distribution, manipulation, 'afterlives' and musealization. I explore the reciprocal relation between materials and meanings and observe how the materiality of artworks is temporal and relational, linked with time and people, and just as well with their exhibition, curation and conservation cultures. My thinking, teaching, and research have been inspired by a long-term engagement with conservation of contemporary art and media in large museum institutions and private collections. The recent research projects are a study of the aspects of time, identity and changeability in artworks by the Korean artist Nam June Paik (Re:Paik), a project engaging with the Intermedia legacy of Fluxus movement in Europe and America (Fluxus Matters) and the BGC Andrew W. Mellon Cultures of Conservation project.


“On Time, Changeability and Identity in the Conservation of Nam June Paik Installations.” Ph.D diss, University of Amsterdam, 2013

“Versions, Variations, and Variability: Ethical Considerations and Conservation Options for Computer-Based Art.” In Electronic Media Review Vol. 2. American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works, Washington DC, submitted, forthcoming 2013

‘Monitor’s Matters.’ In Simon Denny: Full Participation. Exhibition Catalogue, Aspen Museum of Art. Aspen Art Press, 2012, 185-187

‘Konservierung.’ (Conservation) In Lexikon zur zeitgenössischen Kunst von Com&Com, eds. Johannes M. Hedinger and Marcus Gossolt. Niggli publishers, Zurich 2010

Hanna Hölling's courses include:

895 Cultures of Conservation: From Objects to Subjects – On Sites, Rites, and Paradigms
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