Susan Weber

Director and Founder
Iris Horowitz Professor in the History of the Decorative Arts
18th and 19th-century Decorative Arts Topics

Peter N. Miller

History of Historical Research
The Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean
212.501.3044,  miller@bgc.bard.edu

Kenneth L. Ames

American and European Decorative Arts and Material Culture
Tradition, Taste, and Aesthetics
Travel, Tourism, and the Material World
212.501.3055,  ames@bgc.bard.edu

Jeffrey L. Collins

Professor and Chair of Academic Programs
17th- and 18th-century Art and Culture
212.501.3082,  collins@bgc.bard.edu

Ivan Gaskell

Curator and Head of the Focus Gallery Project
Material Culture of North America and Europe, 16th through 20th centuries
Global Cultural Encounter
Philosophy of Museums and Material Culture: Epistemology, Ethics, Aesthetics
212.501.3063,  gaskell@bgc.bard.edu

Aaron Glass

Assistant Professor
Native Peoples of the Northwest Coast
Museums and Anthropology
212.501.3068,  glass@bgc.bard.edu

David Jaffee

Head of New Media Research
Material Culture of New York City
Early American Material Culture
Cultural Geography and Landscape
212.501.3047,  jaffee@bgc.bard.edu

Kimon Keramidas

Assistant Professor and
Director of the Digital Media Lab

Interface Design; Media and Materiality
Scenic Design in Theatre and Performance
Interactive Technology and Pedagogy
212.501.3061,  keramidas@bgc.bard.edu

Pat Kirkham

Europe and USA, c.1750-2000
Histories of Design, Architecture and Objects
Material Culture, Film, Gender
212.501.3043,  kirkham@bgc.bard.edu

Deborah L. Krohn

Associate Professor
Coordinator for History and Theory of Museums
Italian Renaissance Decorative Arts and Material Culture
History and Theory of Museums
Culinary History
212.501.3046,  krohn@bgc.bard.edu

François Louis

Associate Professor
History of Chinese Design and Visual Culture
Material Culture of Medieval China
212.501.3088,  louis@bgc.bard.edu

Michele Majer

Assistant Professor
European and American Clothing and Textiles
212.501.3041,  majer@bgc.bard.edu

Andrew Morrall

Director of Doctoral Studies
Early Modern Northern European Fine and Applied Arts
The Reformation and the Arts; The History and Theory of Ornament
The Early History of Collecting
212.501.4042,  morrall@bgc.bard.edu

Elizabeth Simpson

Greek, Roman, Ancient Near Eastern, and Egyptian Art and Archaeology
Ancient Crafts and Technology
Rediscovery of Antiquity/Ancient Revival Styles; Museology; Protection of Cultural Property
212.501.3081,  simpson@bgc.bard.edu

Paul Stirton

Associate Professor
Editor of "West 86th: A Journal of Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material Culture"
19th and 20th century European Design and Architecture
212.501.3067,  stirton@bgc.bard.edu

Ittai Weinryb

Assistant Professor
Medieval European Artistic and Material Culture
Anthropology and Folklore in Relation to Image Making
Geographies of the Art
212.501.3069,  weinryb@bgc.bard.edu

Catherine Whalen

Assistant Professor
American Material Culture Studies
Craft and Design History
History and Theory of Collecting
212.501.3064,  whalen@bgc.bard.edu

Fellows and Visiting Faculty

Gabrielle Berlinger

Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Cultures of Conservation

Hanna Hölling

Andrew W. Mellon Visiting Professor, Cultures of Conservation
212.501.3031,  hanna.holling@bgc.bard.edu

Ulrich Leben

Research Scholar
212.501.3021,  leben@bgc.bard.edu

Shawn C. Rowlands

BGC-AMNH Postdoctoral Fellow in Museum Anthropology

Charlotte Vignon

Curator of Decorative Arts, The Frick Collection

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