Interpretation of the Artifact in the Age of New Media


Fall 2013


Digital Media Lab


David Jaffee,

Kimon Keramidas

New media are changing the way we do research, write, and present information. This course will explore the interpretation of objects in the context of the emergence of new media. Students will critically examine such topics as the use of digital museum collections and other modes of databases; the develop­ment of virtual exhibitions and other forms of object interpretation; historical simulations and 3-D visualizations along with gaming; the emergence of handheld technologies, such as cell phones and podcasts for museum visits and walking tours; the use of GPS and other mapping technologies for studies of cultural landscapes and tourism; and studies of how people learn in a digital environment. This course will be conducted in a lab environment so students will also look at how these technol­ogies are created and do hands-on work with various types of software. Finally, readings will include critical interpretations of these devel­opments by such scholars as Lev Manovich, James Gee, Henry Jenkins, and others. The class will have visitors from the museum and software development worlds, and students will be expected to do hands-on work in the lab and complete a final digital project based on their own interests. 3 credits.