Decorative Arts and Material Cultures of the Hispanic World


Spring 2011


5th Floor Classroom


Jeffrey L. Collins

This course explores a variety of applied or decorative arts and material culture from Iberia, Latin America, and the Hispanic World from the fifteenth century to the present. Special emphasis will be given to the legacies of cultural contact and the melding of indigenous and European traditions in Mexico, Peru, and other centers. Topics include the movement of materials, trade goods, and artisans throughout the Spanish and Portuguese empires; the role of the arts in religious and domestic rituals; the conscious creation of national styles during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; the revival of folk arts; the formation of regional modernisms; and the adoption of non-traditional or “craft” materials by contemporary Latin American artists. The course will make use of New York museums and collections, and participants will take an active role in defining and presenting areas of special research interest. 3 credits.