In Focus: The Interface Experience Design Tutorial


Fall 2014


Digital Media Lab


Kimon Keramidas

The last thirty years of computing have been defined by the ascendance of the personal computer, a device that has brought the power of computation out of laboratories and corporate technology centers and into the purview of the individual user. Those decades have seen major technological advances in both hardware and software, as computers have gotten smaller, faster, more powerful, and more complex in their capabilities. In fact, so much has happened so quickly, and its effect on everyday life so widespread, dramatic, and transformative, that we often forget how fundamentally our interactions with these machines have changed over time. The Interface Experience Focus Gallery project aims to historicize the experience of personal computing by considering computers as material culture objects deeply embedded in cultural and design history. Through tactile and experiential interactions, visitors to the exhibition will be prompted to think about what devices they have used in their computing past and how the use of those machines has impacted their daily life. This course will provide students with an opportunity to participate in the conceptualization, execution, and design of the exhibition and its various interactive features. Projects include refinement of the object list, development of experience scripts for in-gallery computing interactions, prototyping of both in-gallery and web-based design features, and hands-on work with numerous computers and other devices collected for the exhibition. Students will participate in conversations with BGC exhibition staff and outside application developers working on the project. No technological proficiencies or previous courses are required, and students of all comfort levels with computers are encouraged to register. 3 credits.