New Amsterdam in the Dutch Atlantic (BGC/N-YHS Collaboration)





Brooklyn as a suburb of Amsterdam describes the scope of this course. The cultural landscape of 17th-century New Netherland is situated in its political, economic, cultural, and material history: the Dutch Atlantic. For these were the decades of the Dutch Golden Age of Rembrandt and Spinoza and the conquests of Indonesia and Brazil. Deborah Krohn will coordinate the class; lectures will be delivered by Peter Miller, Andrew Morrall, Jeffrey Collins, David Jaffee, Catherine Whalen, and others. The class will visit the Brooklyn Museum and the New-York Historical Society. The exhibition, to open at the BGC in September 2009 (the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s entry into New York Harbor), centers on the inventory of a Dutch shopkeeper, Margrieta van Varick, and her extraordinary collection of “East Indian” goods. Assignments include a final presentation and research paper. 3 credits.