Film and Design in Hollywood





This course aims to introduce students to the history of design in relation to films made in the United States from about 1895 to the present, with special reference to the period from the late 1920s (the advent of “talkies”) to 1960—a period generally thought of as the heyday of the Hollywood studio system, when movie moguls reigned supreme and art and costume departments expanded at all the major studios. The areas to be studied include set and production design, costume design, posters and advertising, film title sequences, the graphic “intertitles” of the silent era, and films made by and about designers. Most of the film studied will be mainstream theatrical releases, that is, films made by the large studios with major stars, but independent, experimental, and business films, as well as films from other countries, will be referred to as relevant. In terms of class presentations, students will be able to roam from the earliest days of cinema to the latest digital special-effects design. 3 credits.