Issues in Modern and Contemporary Architecture





This seminar addresses recent scholarship in the fields of modern and postwar architectural history. The course focuses on writings that investigate the historical period from World War I to the 1970s, thus covering the emergence of high modernism and its postwar transformation of both corporate modern architecture and a multitude of critical discourses and experimental practices that challenged the modernist legacy. Students read a series of significant texts that have expanded the conceptual parameters of architectural history by offering new research and methodological techniques. These readings include texts that have recast already canonical works in a new light and those that have opened up new lines of investigation into previously overlooked or understudied aspects of 20th-century architectural practice and thought. The course pays particular attention to the manner in which architects, architectural institutions, and architectural scholarship have addressed or critically engaged historical transformations in the aesthetic, socioeconomic, political, and technological realms. 3 credits.