The Arts of the Book





From its inception in the 15th century, book production has involved several related but individual craft skills, including type design, papermaking, printing, illumination, typography, illustration, and binding. It also has been closely bound up with the intellectual and theoretical culture of each period, to such an extent that the book as an object came to exemplify the ideals in design and taste that were uppermost at the time. This course examines a century of changing ideals in British design between 1790 and 1890, a phase that might be viewed simply as a transition from neoclassicism to the Arts and Crafts movement. The course also considers the impact of new technologies in printing during the 19th century and, in reaction, a revival of some of the more traditional hand-printing techniques. Lectures are complemented with close analyses of books of the period and practical demonstrations of techniques involved in book production. 3 credits.