The Sea Inside: Art and Material Culture of the Mediterranean World 1050-1250


Fall 2011


5th Floor Classroom


Ittai Weinryb

Since the publication of Fernand Braudel´s The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II in 1949, the disciplines of history, anthropology and art history have benefited greatly from the discussion
of the Mediterranean world as a localized geographical environment, a circumscribable laboratory for the study of artistic change, interaction and even cross-cultural artistic collaboration.  Drawing on this geographical framework and challenging historical method, the seminar will focus on the synchronic and discursive concepts behind the notion of Mediterranean art and material culture.
Focusing on the Latin West and mainly on medieval Italy the seminar will deal with the period sometime known as the Long Twelfth-Century: from the conquest of Salerno by Robert Guiscard to the coronation of Fredrick Hohenstaufen. Medieval Italy, and especially southern Italy will serve us as a lithmus paper
with which we will raise questions, agree and disagree about what we would like to label as art and material culture of the Mediterranean world.