2014 Commencement Ceremony


The 2014 commencement ceremony will be on Saturday, May 24, at Bard College in Annandale, NY.  This year, the BGC will see 22 MA students and 4 PhD students receive their degrees. Here are our graduating students along with the titles of their dissertations or qualifying papers.

Doctor of Philosophy

Donna Bilak, Toronto, Canada
The Chymical Cleric: John Allin, Puritan Alchemist in England and America (1623-1683) 

Eleanor Sarah Dew, Cirencester, England
Lenygon & Morant (c. 1904-1943): "Period Style" Interior Design and the Transatlantic Market for English Antiques 

Ellen Cohen Fisher (posthumous), New York, NY
The Life and Work of Mary McFadden with Special Emphasis on the Ancient and Ethnic Sources of her Design 

Sarah A. Lichtman, Brooklyn, NY
"Teenagers Have Taken Over the House": Print Marketing, Teenage Girls, and the Representation, Decoration, and Design of the Postwar Home, c. 1945-1965 

Master of Philosophy

Mei-Ling Israel, New York, NY
Circles, Bees, and Threads: Traditional Craft Communities and the Digital 

Shannon Bell Price, Berkeley, CA
Fashion in Motion: The Emerging Genre of the Fashion Film and Redefinitions of Fashion Imaging, Representation, and Consumption in the Twenty-First Century

Master of Arts

Alizzandra Baldenebro, Lodi, CA
Flowers, Figures, Fragments: Revisiting André Charles Boulle's Marquetry Cabinets-on-Stands

Antonia Behan, Toronto, Canada
Looking At, Looking Through: A Conserved Panel Painting at the Met

Tenann June Bell, New York, NY
Charming the Senses: Alexandre-François Desportes, Still Life, and Porcelain in Early Eighteenth-Century France

Corinne Melissa Brandt, Haddonfield, NJ
The Meschianza and the Chew Family: How a Family Remembers and Commemorates Personal and National History

Kelsey Patricia Brow, Westminster, CO
Writing Vegetarianism in Seventeenth-Century London: Thomas Tryon's Wisdom's Dictates and Ethical Consumption

Alexandra J. Casser, Haworth, NJ
The Art of the Deal: Education and Marketing in American Museums

Danielle Lauren Charlap, Newton, MA
Plan-a-Room: Paul Mac Alister's Kits for Three-Dimensional Visual Education

Erin Fabian, Los Angeles, CA
From the Silver Screen to the Department Store: How Hollywood Fashioned American Women

M. Zahava Friedman-Stadler, Monsey, NY
Faith and Fear: A Contemporary Israeli Evil Eye Charm

Ana M. Gutierrez-Folch, Santiago, Chile
The Neoclassical Klismos Chair: Early Sources and Avenues of Diffusion

Maeve Madelyn Hogan, Clifton Springs, NY
Patchwork: Myth and Industry -- A Study of Late Nineteenth-Century Printed Patchworks in Context

Laura C. Kelly-Bowditch, Bedford, MA
Exhibiting the Process of the Past: A Recent History of Museum Conservation on Display

Hannah Wirta Kinney, Duluth, MN
Material of Memory: The Doccia Porcelain Factory's statue al grandezza naturale (1745-1757)

Alison L. Kowalski, Toledo, OH
Art in Everyday Life and the Do-It-Yourself Soviet Fashion of Nadezhda Lamanova

Jennifer Ashley Levy, Melville, NY
Hunting for Legitimacy: The Morgan Casket and the Court of Roger II

Julia Grace Lillie, New York, NY
The Cult of Dürer in First World War German Printed Propaganda: From War Loan Posters to Simplicissimus

Sophia Consuelo Lufkin, Lincoln, MA
From Fifth Avenue to Faith Avenue: Mausoleum Design and Decoration at Temple Emanu-El's Salem Fields Cemetery, 1890-1945

Anna Marie McDonald, New York, NY
Calder Jewelry: A Case Study of a Lost Necklace

Antonio Sánchez Gómez, Bogota, Colombia
Chronicles of the Chuspas: The Life of Two Objects in Three Acts

Yitzchak Schwartz, New York, NY
Building the Religious Future: Popular Modernism and Progressivism in Post-Civil War Cong. B'nai Jeshurun, Newark and Trinity Church, Boston

Emma Scully, New York, NY
A Reinterpretation of the 1941 Indian Arts of the United States Exhibition

Virginia A. Spofford, Cohasset, MA
Mid-Nineteenth-Century Collegiate Class Albums and George Kendall Warren

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