Academic Programs Calendar

Academic Year 2014–2015

This calendar is correct as of press time. For any changes, please consult the Academic Programs Office.

August 1
Move-in day, new students to Bard Hall
August 18
Orientation begins for all new students; Language placement exams held
August 19
Language classes begin
August 22
Last day to withdraw
August 29
Orientation classes end; Language exams held
September 1
Labor Day Holiday
September 2
Fall classes begin; GCM (1:30PM)
September 9
Add/Drop period ends (5PM)
September 12
Last day to withdraw from classes (with partial refund)
October 6–10
Mid-term examination week
October 7
GCM (1:30PM)
October 12
Open House (11AM)
October 26
Open House (11AM)
November 4
GCM (1:30PM)
November 9
Open House (11AM)
November 11
Advisement coffee hour with faculty
November 12
Registration for spring term
November 21
Fall term regular classes end
November 24–26
Make-up week
December 1
Fall language exams; Open House (6PM)
December 1–5
Reading week
December 8–12
Final examinations week
December 9
GCM (1:30PM)
December 13–January 19            Winter break; No classes
January 9
Applications due for fall, 2015
January 20
Spring classes begin; GCM (1:30PM)
January 27
Add/Drop period ends (5PM)
February 3
GCM (1:30PM)
February 9–11
PhD admissions interviews
February 16–20
MA admissions interviews
March 2–6
Mid-term examinations
March 6
Commencement applications due; Doctoral dissertations due
March 9–13
Spring break; No classes
March 17
GCM (1:30PM)
April 1
MA qualifying papers due
April 14
GCM (1:30PM)
April 17
Spring term regular classes end
April 20–24
Make-up week
April 27–May 1
Reading week
May 1
Qualifying Paper Symposium
May 4–8
Finals week
May 5
GCM (1:30PM)
May 13
Spring language exams
May 23

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