The Order of the Third Bird: Documents and Considerations

D. Graham Burnett & Sal Randolph, Seminar in Cultural History
January 25, 2012

Making use of available documentation, D. Graham Burnett and Sal Randolph provide a brief synopsis of the body known as “The Order of the Third Bird,” its principles, and preoccupations. The focus is the ongoing efforts to sift an emerging archive that bears on the genealogy of the Order’s practices. Is it possible to trace the history of the Order, and to make sense of its sublated entanglement with crucial moments in the philosophy of aesthetics? Surprising new sources are continuously coming to light, and require both public airing and critical scrutiny.

D. Graham Burnett is Professor of History at Princeton University and Editor of Cabinet Magazine, based in Brooklyn, NY. Sal Randolph is an artist whose work engages with social interactions, gift economies, public spaces and publishing. 

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