New Students Welcomed

The BGC is pleased and excited about the group of students just selected to join Academic Programs this August, 2011.

At the doctoral level, we will have three entering students –Marjorie Folkman, is from Barnard and Columbia, and currently teaches part time at Bard College; Mei-ling Israel, who did undergraduate work at Stanford, and her MA here at the BGC; and Mei Mei, who comes to us via Nanjing University and the University of Chicago, and who currently works at the MMA.

The MA cohort is a very strong one, and includes:

Tenann Bell, CUNY, Art History
Nynne Christoffersen, University of Copenhagen, European Ethnology
Colin Fanning, Syracuse University, Interior Design
Zahava Friedman-Stadler, Touro College, History
Andrew Goodhouse, Macalester College, Anthropology
Christine Griffiths, SUNY Stony Brook, Art History
Hadley Jensen, Colorado College, Religion
Suk Young Kang, Harvard University, Sociology
Anna McDonald, University of Virginia and NYU, English
Sarah Pickman, University of Chicago, Anthropology
Sophie Pitman, Jesus College, Oxford, Modern History and English
Nicole Pulichene, University of Chicago, Art History
Sarah Rogers, New York University, Art History
Yitzchak Schwartz, Yeshiva University, Jewish Studies
Laura Speers, University of Delaware, Art Conservation
Edward Styles, Harvard University, History and Religion
Maxwell Tielman, Pratt Institute, Art History/Theory/Critism
Sharon Twickler, University of Connecticut, History
Katherine Tycz, Holy Cross, Italian
Meredyth Winter, Holy Cross, Art History

Orientation starts on August 22nd, and faculty, staff and fellow students all look forward to welcoming these newest members of our community.

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