BGC Scholarship Fund

“I think that with the privilege of receiving a scholarship comes a singular kind of responsibility to meet it with rigor, curiosity, and discipline. Having a scholarship to continue my work towards the PhD allows doors to remain open to the future, while strengthening and supporting possibilities in the present.”

Across the United States, graduate student enrollment is down for the second consecutive year, despite a concurrent increase in applications. The arts and humanities were among the disciplines hardest hit in terms of enrollment loss, second only to education.  We have witnessed this national trend firsthand at the BGC. As our reputation grows, so does the number and quality of applications to our MA and PhD programs, but every year we lose outstanding students purely because of financial challenges. With your support, we will be able to offer scholarship aid to even more students who would not otherwise be able to come to the BGC.

Your contribution will help us provide vital support, such as:

  • Curatorial or editorial fellowships for MA students.
  • Research fellowships for PhD students.
  • Housing assistance.
  • Dissertation writing fellowships.

Click here to make your tax-deductible contribution to the BGC Scholarship Fund.

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Basketry Helmet (Hat) with Crest of Hair. Naga, Upper Chindwin, Burma. Collected by the Vernay-Hopwood Chindwin Expedition in 1935. American Museum of Natural History, 70.0/6374.