Executive Planning Committee

The Executive Planning Committee of the Bard Graduate Center is an advisory committee responsible for helping the BGC fulfill its mission to promote new levels of scholarship in the decorative arts and design and to advance recognition among the general public of the tremendous cultural significance of decorative objects and material culture. 

Dr. Barry Bergdoll

Edward Lee Cave

Verónica Hernández de Chico

Hélène David-Weill

Dr. Barbara Knowles Debs

Philip D. English

Giuseppe Eskenazi

Emel Glicksman

Dr. Alain Gruber

Fernanda Kellogg

Trudy C. Kramer

Dr. Arnold L. Lehman

Judith S. Novak

Jennifer Olshin

Robert S Pirie

Ann Pyne

Jeanne Sloane

Luke Syson

Seran Trehan

Dr. Ian Wardropper

Shelby White

Mitchell Wolfson, Jr.

Philip Yang, Jr.

Dr. Leon Botstein, ex-officio

Dr. Susan Weber, ex-officio

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